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Time for uploding

2011-07-20 16:27:45 by minhpoland

Well...Maybe i shoul import my YT vids to NG...


2011-02-25 10:24:09 by minhpoland

Im so bored.i want make falsh but idk hot to make it.I will just sit down and play ya games

end up of job

2009-09-26 04:15:23 by minhpoland

i shutting down my flashes production sry so much.
if i got my birthday i make a 1 submission.Shutting down a my submission too make a new one a greater.Its called need for stick carbon.

my stick story

2009-08-27 15:23:04 by minhpoland

woot now im starting a many episodes flash in title "Sticky Knight With Sticky Sword" and "k1d$ Bunt @t $ch007" and finaly my favorite "President Devil"
story line about PD ep.1
president devil tnediserp russiaan president of poland from year 3985.
poland has been poor by him but one cictzen has killed his wife by knife
now Mark is only chance for friends family and polish citzens........

im ready

2009-08-04 15:16:06 by minhpoland

im doing a flash its will be a few days...I try to be a shitty crap but a good crap
the title is "how to make a money"

A looooooooong weekend

2009-07-21 02:20:07 by minhpoland

to all i said ALL users and guest i will cant do games and it playit beacuse i will ride to nederlands so i will be back 10 days later